Unsearched Brazilian Amethyst
(1,000+ carats per bag)
Price $15.95


Just in from Brazil!

We just acquired several burlap sacks stuffed full of unsearched amethyst from an old mine in Brazil.  The entire lot had neatly been stored in these sacks, each of which weighs over 50 pounds, where they have sat untouched for years.  

When I first saw this stash I was in sheer amazement.  To put the size of this hoard into perspective, consider this: based on its weight, it is barely shy of 2,000,000 carats!  We are dividing all of this amethyst into 1,000+ carat bags (just shy of 1/2 pound!!!) and selling them for only $15.95 per bag.

What a GREAT GIFT idea!  These bags of unsearched amethyst will be fun for the whole family to search through together!!!


Imagine what you might find...

Amethyst with excellent cut, color, and clarity could be worth hundreds of dollars per carat.  Each lot will have pieces ranging in size from less than 1 carat to pieces that will weigh a whopping 40 carats or more.  Most of these will be great for tumbling, wire wrap jewelry, or just really neat to have.  And you never know when that very precious gem will show up!

These amethyst pieces are uncut, uncleaned, rough, mine run amethyst straight out of the mine.  They are neither sorted through nor cherry picked ~ they come to you as they have come to us directly from Brazil.  Amethyst is the name given to the variety of quartz which is transparent and light to dark purple in color. Although amethyst is found on almost every continent the dark transparent and clean stones are relatively rare and always in demand. They will need to be cleaned in order to be reveal the amethyst gems that you will be the first person ever to see! It is a real treasure hunt with these because many times the outer crust hides the best amethyst crystals.

We cannot make any promises on exactly what you will find, but we can promise that you will receive a great variety and variations in color, size and shape of amethyst pieces.  Whether you are a beginning collector looking to get started, an experienced collector, or even a jeweler ~ satisfaction guaranteed...or your money back!


Cleaning instructions are included with every order.

Every order comes with detailed instructions on how to clean and polish your gemstones