Uncleaned Ancient Roman Coins w/ Gold Found
(10 coins per bag)
Price $27.95


Just in from Europe!!!

This lot of uncleaned Roman coins has just arrived from Europe and they are the best we have seen in quite some time.  While most of the coins will turn out to be bronze, we have had many recent reports of SILVER and even GOLD as you can see in our feedback...and these coins are from the very same archeological dig!

The remaining finds from this dig are selling quickly, but we will continue to offer them while they last.  We are dividing this lot into bags of 10 coins each and we are selling them for only $27.95 per bag. That's less than $3 per coin, which is quite a bargain for coins of this high quality! Collectors who are used to paying much more than this will agree that this will not last long.  For anyone with even a passing interest in ancient coins, the history of ancient civilizations, or even of history in general, this is an opportunity that should not be passed up.

Imagine Owning A Piece Of History From The B.C. Era!


Untouched for Thousands of Years...

These particular uncleaned ancient coins were found North of modern day Greece in the region of the ancient town of Philipopolis.  They are uncleaned, still covered with the dirt that has been on them for up to 2000 years!

Roman coins were struck by hand so no two coins are exactly alike and it took three people to make each coin.  In some cases, one coin could be an entire days pay.  Just think of who could have held each of these coins and all of the places they could have been, like being used to buy admission to see the Gladiators in the Coliseum.

Because there were no banks at the time, many of these coins were buried for safe keeping by their owners.  Many hoards were buried by Roman soldiers before they went off to battle.  However, many of the soldiers did not return and thus their money (these very coins) were left in the ground only to be discovered millenniums later by archeologists.

We cannot promise that every coin will have great detail as these are covered in dirt up to 1 mm thick, but we do our best to give you as many coins as possible with detail.  These coins are neither sorted through nor cherry picked.  They come to you as they have come to us directly from Europe.

These coins were in the hands of Gladiators thousands of years ago and now they can be in yours!!!


Cleaning instructions are included with every order.

Every order comes with detailed cleaning instructions as well as a complete history of the coins.