Wish Pearl Gift Set
(pearl + silver necklace & pendant)
Price $10.95


Each Wish Pearl Gift Set includes:


An OYSTER CONTAINING A PEARL: Each oyster is delicately packaged in a sealed container of special liquid solution that dramatically simulates the natural oyster environment. Imagine the excitement of opening the oyster and being the first person to see the treasured pearl inside that has been growing for the past 3-5 years. Each pearl will measure from 5-7mm round. The pearl will reflect a hue of one of five richly radiant pastel hues.

The HEART-SHAPED STERLING SILVER PENDANT: This hand crafted cage design of the easy-to-open pendant allows the pearl to be showcased and protected...or to be easily removed for up-close sharing of the pearl's smoothness and beauty.

The STERLING SILVER CHAIN: The 16-inch chain can be used as a necklace for displaying the precious cultured pearl inside the pendant.

The SMALL BOOK PROVIDING INFORMATION ABOUT THE PEARL: This booklet will instruct you as to how to open the oyster.  The literature will also explain the color symbolism as well as the lore and appeal of pearls throughout history. There is also a short parable on the magic and benefits of wishing.


What in Incredible Gift Idea!

These beautifully packaged ensembles are excellent for Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Graduations, and Weddings.  The pearls can also be used in necklaces, rings, earrings, and other jewelry.